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Ask Yourself These Questions:


Do you recognize the pain is unsolved?


Do you not push back and listen up?


Do your financials reveal the cost of unsolved business pain?


Do you know your solutions have not solved the pain?


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Having just read a series of articles and several books on the subject of leadership, an incredibly common theme is the fact that great leaders listen and analyze before speaking and making decisions.

PROCESS: Why is this so important? Because when you are engaged with a leader or you are the leader, the temptation is to speak, reply, respond or agree/disagree before the other party is finished.

TIMELINE: And this behavior is not predicated upon the time of day, week, year or even decade. Rather, it is a natural tendency to reply before fully hearing out the other parties.

DON’T PUSH BACK: Of course, if you happen to be included in a group observing the leader, you may often find their reply is made before the other parties are finished. In fact, while observing such an encounter this morning, the leader said, “Come on … come on … we don’t have all day!”

MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE: Imagine, for just a moment, what such behaviors do to the other members involved in the conversation. It sends a loud, clear, distinct message that other input is neither valued nor considered. Thereby, directly affecting success.

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