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Ask Yourself These Questions:


Do you recognize the pain is unsolved?


Do you not push back and listen up?


Do your financials reveal the cost of unsolved business pain?


Do you know your solutions have not solved the pain?


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Business Tips


As you speed along into objectives and goals for phase two and beyond, keep in mind the critical challenge of surrounding yourself with non-biased thinkers.

PROCESS: Why? Because entering into the future, it is critical to keep team members, advisors and others who can not only contribute to the process, but will offer their thoughts without raising their hands … not pushing back … and listening up.

TIMELINE: And, now that you are underway or about to start the process, surrounding yourself with these people is even more precarious due to the fact that your timeline is dictating the achievement of your next objectives and goals.

DON’T PUSH BACK: What might happen if you choose people who are biased one way or the other? Forward momentum can stop … people who contribute might decide to leave … while those whose attitude is slanted the wrong way can prevail.

MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE: So, keep measuring and defining any changes, alterations, issues or needs that can arise so your efforts day to day … week to week … month to month will not be stopped. Rather, everyone you surround yourself with will illustrate and contribute as non-biased thinkers.

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