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Ask Yourself These Questions:


Do you recognize the pain is unsolved?


Do you not push back and listen up?


Do your financials reveal the cost of unsolved business pain?


Do you know your solutions have not solved the pain?


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Business Tips


Observing hundreds of leaders in all realms of life over more than forty years, one common trait amongst the finest leaders is to praise others.

PROCESS: From a simple “pat on the back,” to a meeting where the leader recognizes outstanding performance or supportive comments all contribute to those team members who go above and beyond the call of duty.

TIMELINE: Of course, the leader can choose the time for such recognition, but there are also times when situations call for it.

DON’T PUSH BACK: Having witnessed one leader who actually told us, “Our people don’t need recognition after all they are getting paid aren’t they?”

MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE: From this brief example, those who have leadership skills think of others first and, in turn, those “others” will continue to follow the leader forward and on towards success.

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