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Ask Yourself These Questions:


Do you recognize the pain is unsolved?


Do you not push back and listen up?


Do your financials reveal the cost of unsolved business pain?


Do you know your solutions have not solved the pain?


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Business Tips


While meeting with a prospective client this week, the discussion reached a tipping point when he stated, “I’ve reached a point in my personal and professional life where I need to wake up and move ahead.”

PROCESS: The room grew very quiet while he mused about these decisions, which need to be made going forward encouraged by his family, co-workers, friends and others.

TIMELINE: And the timing could not have been more apropos as he scheduled our meeting to help define the timeline.

DON’T PUSH BACK: During the meeting, there were countless opportunities for our prospective client to push back, but not a single time did he raise his hands. He remained focused, listening and thinking about the out of the box recommendations we provided.

MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE: Starting next month, we will tangibly help him to begin the implementation stage of these new opportunities while keeping new challenges, issues, problems, barriers and needs firmly in mind.

CONTACT: To learn more about how we tangibly solve our client’s challenges, issues, problems, barriers and needs, contact The Cavalry, Inc., by calling us at: 307-690-2472, or visit our website: and fill-out the questionnaire under the “Solve It” header. Or email us: We also appreciate your reading our BUSINESS TIP OF THE DAY on Facebook and taking a moment to “Like” the postings!