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Ask Yourself These Questions:


Do you recognize the pain is unsolved?


Do you not push back and listen up?


Do your financials reveal the cost of unsolved business pain?


Do you know your solutions have not solved the pain?


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Business Tips


Each and every one of us has asked questions, but how often do we really listen to the answers and responses?

PROCESS: The fact of the matter is the replies to your questions may very well provide the answers you seek, but if we are so busy thinking about the next question or whatever we need to do, we may very well miss incredibly important information and solutions.

TIMELINE: And this can happen at the very beginning of our time with others or anywhere along the line until the discussion ends.

DON’T PUSH BACK: Of course, the exchanges may end and we find ourselves thinking, “Well, that was a complete waste of time.” But, was it really or did we simply never allow the input to lay waste to our continuing questions and unsolved problems.

MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE: Bottom line? We need to look at such interchanges as an investment: time, effort and focus. And, once we do that, we can often learn more than, perhaps, we even thought possible by listening, carefully, to answers.

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